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Big Data The New Growth Area

Gartner, whose forecasts shape industry strategy has predicted that by 2015 four million jobs will be created in the area of Big Data Analytics.

The pity according to them is that only a third of them will be filled up. The shortfall will be primarily due to the lack of skilled people who can capitalize on the growth potential.

The area of Big Data Analytics is opening up new avenues for smart people to gain from IT revolution that is taking up the world by storm.

Big Data Analytics is such an area that is attractive to both professionals who are already into IT to find more satisfying career as well as people who want to get into IT not to miss the lucrative opportunities in this space.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Big Data Analytics deal with Information aspects of data — which is voluminous, of multiple variety and which is getting generated aggressively. We can compare it to Arctic Ice. The data that is utilized in business systems is like the arctic ice that is seen above the surface which is tiny compared to what is below. Huge data is getting accumulated around the world from conventional IT systems and from the digital world where business goes beyond the boundary and marries with social networks.

Breaching social boundaries give birth to new data types-the data types becoming more of unstructured social chats to images in photos & videos to audios. This leads to yet another dimension of speed in which data engulfs the boundary less world.

These data convey a meaning when the context is understood and provide an insight when analyzed resulting in newer products, services and better perception of customers. Big data analytics not only enable business to grow faster but also benefit consumers by providing the best possible choice at the lowest cost.

Big Data Analytics is such an area that is attractive to both professionals who are already into IT to find more satisfying career as well as people who want to get into IT not to miss the lucrative opportunities in this space.

Who can get into Big Data?

Whether you are a Business Analyst or Data Base Administrator in Information Technology, whether you are a Statistician or Economist who can make sense of data you have great opportunity in Big Data Analytics. If you are project manager or a project lead, Big Data projects are awaiting you. If you are a developer, development in Big data provides better scope.

If you are already in Information Technology providing solutions to customers by implementing products or supporting customer or a quality assurance professional with better sense of products and customers you should not miss big data bus opportunity. Architecting for Big data and Designing Big Data are skill areas requiring wider knowledge of tools and technologies with analytical understanding of business.

Big Data Career Opportunities

We can categorize the opportunities into three roles (i) Big Data Analyst (ii) Data Scientist and (iii) Big Data Developer. Big Data Analyst is a professional who is capable of understanding business, organize & analyze data from disparate sources and produce results for business using existing tools and technologies. Big Data Developer writes programs to create, integrate and interpret large data sets often using existing development environment or using custom tools in order that Big Data Analyst is able to generate required results for business.

Big Data Scientist is a role which requires predominantly analytical skills with deep sense of data and technology besides knowledge of various algorithms that can be exploited for analysis

What is required to become Big Data Analyst?

Big Data Analyst is a critical role in Big Data projects. As the Big Data Analyst requires knowledge of business, existing Information Technology professionals can easily find an entry. Data Base Administrators with experience enterprise data bases can find their existing experience as a stepping stone to move into Big Data, as Big data projects deals with huge data often using several conventional and unconventional data bases. Most of the analysis involves statistics. People with reasonable background in statistics or mathematics can find their knowledge benefit-Ling entry into the lucrative field of Big Data.Econometrics another subject area knowledge where economics and mathematics come into play will be useful in several big data projects.

Mathematics required for analyst is not more than what is covered in mathematics as one of the subjects in graduate level while Higher Secondary level mathematics or statistics is good enough for highly motivated people entering into this career. Project Leads and Project Managers will find their management skills sought after for big data projects which are to be managed effectively to produce intended resu ltsIt is true that big data is a green pasture for people with various background referred above. But it is not so if they are not prepared for the career by acquiring skills that can complement their existing skills to become Big Data Analytics. Biggest mistake people do is to take up couple of days of training in popular tools such as Hadoop or MapReduce thinking that that would provide them a career in big data space.

Most of the time people spend in such programs is on learning about installing the tools and running one standard example which they can do without spending any money by simply downloading and following various guidance available on the net. At the end of such programs people come out with completely incorrect understanding of the big data application and often miss to recognize and capitalize on potential career opportunities.

Training required to become Big Data Analyst

An entry level career program should provide a refresher on statistics with the approach to impart 'statistical thinking' rather than listing dry formulae one after another. People should learn how to build models of various business scenarios and analyze using realistic data. They should know how to perform regression analysis, cluster analysis and Segmentation using Decision Trees. It is essential to learn how to build and validate predictive models for business problems and come out with solutions which can be visually communicated. Trainee should get a hang on how to exploit social media, mobile analytics and cloud that complement Big Data Analytics. Hands on experience should include popular open source tools such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive and R besides an appreciation of array of commercial tools. Training for less than 100 hours without extensive hand-on using business problems and realistic data will not provide necessary foundation required to enter into big data space.

Career Path for Big Data Analyst

Big data space is expected to provide accelerated career growth. One can make an entry into the field as Junior Big Data Analyst and graduate to become Senior Big Data Analyst. Experience as Big Data Analyst provides a platform to become Big Data Scientist based on aspiration and background of individuals.

Senior roles include Big Data Project Manager, Architect or Business Manager for Big Data. Big Data industry has clocked more than US $ 500M more than three years back and poised for accelerated growth according to various experts. Acquiring skills in this area will no doubt will help gaining a piece of this fast growing pie of Information Technology income.

Amitysoft's Big Data Training Program

Amitysoft innovated career courses for software quality assurance 16 years back, when the QA area was not a conventional career opportunity in Information Technology. It provided a strong foundation to aspiring fresher as well as experienced people from IT and other industry who wanted to move to IT. Amitysoft's students are well employed by IT houses and multinationals around the world, several of them reaching their peak in their career as VPs, Directors and CEO. Amitysoft is not just another training institute providing all sort of IT training. Amitysoft carefully monitors and chooses the upcoming unconventional opportunities and builds a training course for people to make a career in IT.

Amitysoft launched its enterprise solutions during the last decade which brings in business knowledge and experience in enterprise data for Big Data Analytics. The courses are taught by its professional team members providing service to industry, doubling up as faculty bringing practical experience. Amitysoft's training is also much sought out by industry and has been retained as corporate trainer by major multinationals during the last two decades

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