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Home ERP Training

ERP Training

Unique Course Design

The course design fills up a major gap that between the fresh MBA students and the expectations of IT functions of Enterprises

IT Solutions for Business
Solutions for IT Deployment
Solutions for IT consumer
Management of IT Life Cycle
Behavioral Skills for IT success

Latest contents
Hands-on & On-site exposure

IT Solutions for Business

ERP : Enterprise Resource Planning
SCM : Supply Chain Management
MDM : Master Data Management
MES : Manufacturing Executing Systems

Enterprise Functional components

General Ledger
Discrete Production
General Administration
Inventory Management
Management Accounting
Management Information System
Payable Management
Purchase & Sub Contracting
Receivable Management
Sales & Shipping

Solutions for IT Deployment

Active Directory
WAN optimization
Server and storage Cloud Technologies

Solutions for IT consumers

Social NW
Online biz models

Management for IT Life Cycle

Skills required for Acquiring, deploying, maintaining & retiring IT for enterprises
Project Management
Vendor mgmt/strategic Outsourcing

Behavioral / Personality

Communication with all stakeholders, change mgmt skills, people skills, etc
Agility and resilience
Team innovation
Eye for business value of IT in every project

Delivery Methodology & Duration

Functional Concepts - 40% of duration - Theory, Exercise, Case-study, Projects, Video discussions
Hands on - 30% of duration - Exercises, Case-study, Projects, Video discussions.
On-site Work - 30% of duration - Theory, Exercise, Case-study, Projects, Video discussions.
Periodic Student presentations, Facing Interview, Teaming, Guest Lectures.


Industry-oriented curriculum with strong foundation in IT concepts/ principles & processes required for enterprises
Intensive Practical Sessions with hands-on in ERP
On-site project ably guided by Domain experts
Guest Lectures that provide valuable insight on being a business information analyst in an enterprise
Intensive Hands-on Training ERP product on the cloud.
Personal development (Soft-skill) development sessions for professional excellence.
Continuous evaluation and feedback using weekly tests, presentations, exercises.

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